Lions Inner Circle


As a Luke Hawkins Coaching Inner Circle member you’ll receive closer access to Luke Hawkins and receive coaching support from him and his team for a full year and join a peer group of like minded people who are committed to achieving their dreams and living a life on their terms. In this environment we support each other to live a higher standard of what we are truly capable of! This is the committed way!


  • Four 3 day weekends per year
  • 1 Secret Overseas location trip per year
  • Twelve Months of Group weekly Accountability Coaching (Includes psychology training, emotional support, marketing support and business strategy)
  • Receive The Ignite Love and Passion audio collection
  • Limitless Networking Opportunities
  • Exclusive access to an elite, high level peer group

Inner Circle Weekends


  • Sep 13-15 (Sydney)
  • Dec 13-15 (Sydney)


  • March 20-22 (Sydney)
  • June 26-28 (Sydney)
  • September 18-20 (Sydney)
  • December 11-13 (Sydney)
This is an annual commitment which gives you an opportunity to receive a personal level of coaching from Luke and his team to evolve you through the stages of business and create the greatest impact in the world!

You will learn:

  • Mastery of influence and communication
  • Sales Mastery Systems
  • Rapid business growth strategies
  • Optimisation and systemisation of your business
  • Accounting and finance
  • Multi million dollar marketing strategies
  • How to create the ultimate value ladder for your clients
  • Wealth creation strategies
  • How build and recruit a powerhouse team
  • How to go from business operator to business owner

Create the ultimate fulfilment and happiness in your life by learning everything you need to grow and scale your business, become more of who you truly are and serve the world on the highest level.

“Hunger is our power, Commitment is our way”