NLP Master Practitioner Training

The course to have it all!! 12 Days of Personal Transformation!!

Become the person you’ve always wanted to be and create your ultimate destiny by aligning every force inside of your mind that is controlling your thoughts, feelings and behaviours! Master your business/career, your relationships, your health, your finances and take a quantum leap in your consciousness! This course is like no other!

What will you learn?

1. Master NLP

Quantum Linguistics- Conversational Change

  • Learn how to knock out limiting beliefs by language alone.
  • Learn 16 ways to squash any type of objection. (Sleight of mouth)
  • Learn how to blow out problems with your conversation.
  • Discover what is deeply unconscious in you that is holding you back and remove it!
  • Learn Quantum Thinking for creating rapid results in your life!

Personal Values- One of your sources of happiness and biggest driver of your behaviours

  • Discover what motivates you and drives your thoughts and behaviours
  • Learn how to identify and remove the part of your values that do not serve or support you anymore
  • Get rid of values conflicts (e.g. I want to make money but I dont want people to judge me)
  • Learn Values level thinking so you can map your own level of consciousness and accelerate your evolution
  • Align your values in different areas of life that matter most to you – Business/Career, Relationships, Health/Fitness.

Advanced Submodalities & Strategies

  • Create lasting change through changing the hardwired neurological drivers controlling your feelings
  • Learn how to install strategies to change or install ANY behaviour you choose.


  • This is the number one skill for success! Take any behaviour from any successful person and learn how to install it in yourself.
  • Learn how to replicate the success of the world’s best and produce same results in your life at lightning speed.

NLP Presentation Skills & Training Design

  • How to design a presentation to engage an entire audience
  • Learn how to present well so you have the confidence to be a power speaker!

2. Time Line Therapy® Master Level

  • Learn how to take a detailed personal history to solve ANY problem and become bulletproof as a coach!
  • Clean out every negative emotion from your past that has kept you prisoner.
  • Learn Past Life Regression and how to access your past lives for ultimate healing and power.
  • How to carry out a breakthrough session to create OUTSTANDING results with your clients.

Experience your OWN personal breakthrough session to clear out every limiting thought, negative emotion and every limiting behaviour that has sabotaged you up until now and create absolute internal alignment to create anything you want in your life!!

3. NLP Master Coach

This meets the standard of the ABNLP & ABNLP Coaching Division so you have a worldwide recognition to coach from all over the world and coach people from all over the world!

  • Learn the most important models for sustained rapid success for your clients.
  • Learn how to create the best results in both personal and business coaching.
  • Learn the business building skills to create a 6 figure and 7 figure business!

The 3 Certifications Include:

  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification
  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner certification
  • NLP Master Coach Certification

Our Next NLP Master Prac Course Dates…

  • Nov 8-17: Last ever course for Master Prac
    The Stamford Plaza, Sydney Airport

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