It was by far the best thing I have done for my personal and professional development. EVER. Here are some things that NLP has done for me:
I went from 23K in sales per month to 102k in sales in November alone on Amazon 3 weeks after the training. I am only weeks away from hitting 7 figures this year. This is because I removed my limiting beliefs around my potential and money with NLP techniques. Happy to send screenshots if you are in disbelief.
I got rid of my crazy chocolate addiction (Anyone that knows me from the past can verify it was out of control). I barely eat chocolate anymore. There was no discipline involved. It took around 10 minutes to remove with NLP.
I completely removed my fear of public speaking. This is the #1 fear people have, some would rather die than go on stage and present in front of a large crowd. Meanwhile I can’t wait for my next big presentation which is coming up in 4 weeks! Pictures will follow.
I got rid of a phobia I had for 14 years with an NLP technique that took 15-20 minutes. There isn’t a trace of fear left.
I am now NLP certified and can quite literally get rid of any unwanted behavior or habit in myself and others.
It was worth every penny, there are raving reviews all over the internet if you need more proof, and every single student will confirm that Luke absolutely over-delivers.