Luka Alford and Adelle Ferguson

“Since leaving NLP 2 weeks ago Adelle and I have restructured our old female empowerment event to an online coaching business. We have made 20 laser calls since then which 19 of them converted into $100 discovery calls, we have now done 3 discovery calls this week which led into our 6 Week Program for $3000 – in 2 weeks we have made $10,900 between us! OUR MINDS ARE BLOWN! Considering neither of us thought we would be coaching for another year to now having these results is absolutely liberating! Not only in this area is our life thriving but in our relationships also. NLP has completely changed my life and I cannot wait to do masters!! Thank you a million times over.❤️”

luka and adelle - Luka Alford and Adelle Ferguson